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How to Get Thick and Healthy Hairs – Best Tips

How to Get Thick and Healthy Hairs – Best Tips

This article will teach you How to Get Thick and Healthy Hairs – Best Tips. Thick and healthy hairs will add in the beauty of any woman. So, having thick, long and shiny hairs is a dream for each and every woman. All you need to do is just pay a little bit of attention and follow these tips we are giving in this article.

  1. Use thickening shampoo and conditioner

You can use thickening shampoo and conditioners in order to get thick and beautiful hairs. It is an easy and low-cost way to acquire thick hairs. So, make it your habit to use thickening shampoo and conditioner. Furthermore, apply conditioner after shampoo your hairs. It will add essential moist into your hairs and you will get optimum hydration in your hairs.

  1. Cut It at your shoulders

If you want thick hairs you have to keep hairs short. Usually, it conceived that thicker hairs mean longer hairs. But the reality is different. Long hairs tend to become thick because of hairs weight. So, having short hairs is the best way to get thicker hairs. Cut your hairs at the shoulder or even above. Consequently, you will get healthy and thicker hairs.

  1. Root Filter

Using root filter is one of the best ways to get thicker hairs. This handy product will give a thicker appearance to your hairs. You do not have to put any extra or extraordinary efforts. Hairs flat on the head looks thick as compare to hairs lifted at the root.

  1. Haircut with highlights

If you accept hair coloring, you add few foils into the color mix. Consequently, you will gain weight into your hairs. Furthermore, highlighting hair will give the look of depth to strands. Furthermore, it will cause mane dimension which will give the illusion of thick and full hairs instead of lean and flat strands.

  1. Cooling Scalp

The more portion of scalp you can see means the thinner hairs you have. So, try to fill the empty spaces with coloring spray. Spray color on your scalp gently in the roots of strands. It will fill empty spaces and will give the appearance of filled and thin hairs.

  1. Ceramic brush after using a blow dryer

Use of appropriate tools after showering will give you thick and healthy hairs. It will give the illusion of thick and bouncy hairs. So, you should use the ceramic brush after drying your hairs with a blow dryer. Furthermore, the ionic dryer will shower ions to give a smooth and thick appearance to your hairs.


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